The “Content Types” menu in the Team Administration Tool gives you the ability to administer content types within the team. As well as a series of predefined, standard content types, you have the option to create your own. The red “+” button allows you to access and open templates to create new content types. As well as the mandatory “Name” field, you can enter descriptive text and select an icon and Standard Channels   

A “Standard Channel” is connected to a content type via Posting Channels. When content is first created, this channel is automatically set using the tool, as soon as the relevant content type is selected. The channels can be manually changed or added during the process of creating new content. 

The template for editing existing content can be opened by clicking on the name and confirming the action using the “Save” button. 

The pink tick in the relevant row allows you to hide content types. Hidden content types are not shown in the “Content types” list when creating new content. 

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