The Channel Settings allow you to manage social media accounts that are added to  

Using the red “+” button, you can connect your own social media accounts with, then choose the appropriate platform. 

Content can automatically be posted to the following channels using  

  • Facebook  
  • Instagram  
  • LinkedIn  
  • Xing  
  • Twitter  
  • WordPress  

In addition to the channels named above, you also have the option of adding additional channels using the “Other” button. Once the “Name” and “URL” fields are completed, you can confirm the entry using “Save and New,” then add new channels or use “Save” to return to the Channel settings. However, it is not possible to post to these channels using! Connected accounts are linked to the team that you are based in. 

If a channel that is added using the Dialogue Module is supported, it will automatically be added for this module. This can be recognised via the pink dialogue icon in the Channel row. It is not possible to deactivate channels in the Dialogue Module.   Approval for automatic content posting cannot be changed manually in and is only deactivated when incorrect channel permissions block the link. If “automatic posting” is activated for a channel, the icon in the channel row is shown in pink; otherwise, it is grey. 

The connection between the channel and can be removed via the “Remove Connection” icon for the appropriate row. Content that is assigned to this channel does not receive a new allocation after deletion so that the “Channels” field remains blank. An error will occur on the scheduled posting date; the content is not posted and receives an “error” status. 

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