Automatic content posting must be manually switched on for Instagram channels. To do this, click on the corresponding Instagram channel and open the Download menu, from where you must select the “Activate Experimental Posting” checkbox, which activates automatic posting. If the conditions governing its use are confirmed, and the username and password (“login details”) are checked successfully, you can save the configuration change. This link only works when two-factor authentication is not turned on for the relevant Instagram profile. 

How do I add Instagram as a publication channel? 

Use the Team Administration Tool > Channels then select the “plus” symbol to add an Instagram account.  Once the connection process is complete and the account appears in your channel list, you still have to enter your login details and allow the system to check them. 

Checking login details 

Click on the channel names in the list, then check the “Activate Experimental Posting” box, provide your password (the username is automatically filled out in advance), accept the terms of use and then check the login details. If a successful login is confirmed, you close the process by clicking on “Save.” You can now use to post content to your Instagram account. 

Note:  In some cases, you must confirm this login process on Please log in to your account and confirm the access. 

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