The general team settings are located on the “General” tab. You can use these settings to change your Team Name, swap the Team Picture, or delete the entire team. 

You can use this menu to create members via the red “+” button and use the arrow in the relevant row to invite them to join your team. You can only send an invitation once all fields are completed. These fields include “Role” (i.e., the level of user permissions that the member will be assigned) and “Language.” This setting specifies the system language and can be changed via the user settings at a later date if needed. 

If the invited user doesn’t yet have any user details, he or she will receive an e-mail with a link to a registration form and, once he or she has registered successfully, becomes part of the team. 

If the e-mail address entered is already assigned to a user, he or she will receive a simple team invitation by e-mail. If the e-mail is not accepted, it will expire. 

A tick in the User column shows that the team invitation has been successfully accepted. Outstanding invitations are shown by a pink clock icon. This e-mail can be used to send a reminder e-mail. 

The waste paper basket icon allows you to remove members from the team on a permanent basis. This icon is located underneath the tick icon and appears as a mouseover effect. 

Before a member can successfully be removed from the mail, a successor must be appointed from existing users. As an option, the user’s activity history can be retained, meaning that changes that the user made under his or her name will also remain

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