The user administration tool can be opened via the key icon in the  

Team Administration Tool, which contains an overview of all team members and their roles. 

 As well as the admin role, which cannot be changed, “Manager,” “Editor” and “Reader” roles are preconfigured and can be customised at a later date. You can also create your own roles using the red “+” button. Within these roles, you have the option of specifying individual access permissions for each module in  

The various permission levels are as follows: 

None: No access rights. The member cannot see the relevant module. 

Read: The team member can view the module content, but cannot edit it. 

Write: The team member can both view and edit content. 

Administrator: The team member has full access and can also amend settings.  

A role can be deleted using the red “Delete” button underneath the column. Before the role can definitively be deleted, you must select an alternative role to be allocated to all members who are assigned the role to be deleted.

Allocating user roles 

The user role of a team member can be changed via the Team Settings by selecting the cog symbol for the relevant team. 

The Member Overview now allows you to select and change the user role via the “Role” column.

Please note: If you cannot see the cog icon, or cannot select any other role in the Member Administration Tool, it means that you do not have the necessary permissions. If this happens, please contact the team administrator.

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