Three different notifications are available via  These can be customised to suit your needs via the personal settings on the top-right hand toolbar. 

  1. E-mail: If an event occurs, the user will be notified via his or her account at the e-mail address provided; 
  2. Push: Provided that the browser supports push notifications and the user has turned these on, the user will be notified of the latest events on the bottom-right hand corner of the screen, even when the browser is closed; 
  3. In-app: Selected events are exclusively shown in the Notification Centre toolbar via the bell icon. 

Notification settings 

Notification settings can be found in the User Settings. 

A short explanation of the icons is shown at the top. Directly underneath these, you will find the team selection, where you can use the settings to specify whether the settings that you are specifying should apply to one team or to all teams. 

The arrows on the right-hand side allow you to select the Notification Settings for the relevant category. 

For example, you can now see the expanded view of the “Work on Content/Idea” category. 

Activated in some teams: the minus symbol is shown at the top of the example image. This confirms that the setting is activated for some teams. If therefore, you select “All” for teams and find the minus symbol, it means (for example) that the setting is activated for Team A and deactivated for Team B. If you are applying these settings to a single team only, this symbol will not be shown. 

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