The idea area serves as a preliminary stage for content without any time limit. Using this area you can decide between two different views. The grid view presents ideas in terms of big tiles and the list view presents ideas in form of a chart.

In the grid view you can create ideas by clicking on the first tile ,Add idea'. If you use the list view click on the pink +-button to create a new idea. 

Choose a title and a type in the creation sector. Also you can assign your idea to a campaign and add tags. In the URL-field you can insert a link with content that matches your idea. In the WYSIWYG-Editor (,What you see is what you get') you can work on your idea and also insert images. Here you can save, share or duplicate your ideas.

In the detail view of an idea it is possible to edit ideas subsequently.
You can also use our comment function by using the flashlight symbol at the right. Mention your team members by typing the @-symbol and the name. Use this feature to share your thoughts about the idea with your team members. The member receives a notification about being mentioned in a certain idea.

In the mouseover  you can see icons which allow you to select the idea as a favorite. It is also possible to duplicate, to share or to delete it. You can also transform your idea into content if you are ready to create a post. 

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