To create a new item of content, click on the “+” button, which opens the new content template. This is a very simple and straightforward way to create new content. 

The Posting settings provide the option of publishing your content immediately (“Now”), to schedule it for a later time (“Schedule”) or save it as a draft (“Draft”). 

Scheduled content requires a publication date and a status. You can find out more about the various editing stages here

Any items of content must be assigned a title and a content type. Content types can be managed using the Team Administration Tool. More information can be found here

The Post Editor changes, depending on the type of content being created. The content is shown in the exact same way as it will appear on the target platform (“what you see is what you get”).  

Images are initially loaded into as attachments, then moved into the post using Drag & Drop. 

The final option to be specified in the template is the Cross-Posting feature. You can find out more about Cross Publishing here

Once you have saved your content, it will be shown in the “Content” section in List view. All scheduled content will also appear automatically in the Calendar. You can choose whether to display the table of contents as a tile, list, or table. 

Our tip!

We recommend that you always assign content to a campaign so that you have more options at a later date in terms of analysing and assessing your communications. However, you can publish content without assigning it to a campaign. 

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