By using our cross-publishing feature it is possible to post content on multiple channels inside the 'new content'- area. Here you can select between the channels you added in the team administration settings. 

You can find the cross-publishing function at the bottom of the content mask. 

You create a cross-post by clicking on the channel you want to create a post for. Then the mask for content editing opens up and you can work on the post for the desired channel. Here you can modify the release date and also the required channel. These settings only apply to the cross-posts and not the original post. You can add as many cross-posts to your content as you please.

Using the targeting feature the post can be limited to certain countries and languages. 


Usually created posts or contents are not shared more than once in social media or only a few times. Mostly they are shared just right after the post has been published or during a campaign. The analysis shows a short traffic-peak but no continuous interest.

Indeed most postings have a much higher lifetime - if you take extra care of them. Though this takes time and who has it, right? supports you in cross publishing and makes it as effortless as possible. Using this feature you can create and plan multiple posts for social media when you want to publish content. Then it is already clear by the the time of publishing how often the post will be published in the upcoming year. 

Basically cross-posts are always linked in with the original post. So you can see any time how the post were marketed.

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