The editing status shows the current stage of content creation. When producing content you always have to assign status to the following post. It is useful when you don't finish the post and work on it on other days. Moreover you can use it for planning posts in future or planning posts together with collegues. 

Content can be characterized with following states:

The status 'open' means that this content can be edited anytime and won't be posted automatically. This status is useful when content was created but not edited yet. Team members can work on that post at a later time and complete it.

The status 'In Production' means also that the post won't be published automatically and can be edited at any time. It is useful when a team member is already working on that post. With this status one indicates other team members that editing is in progress.

The status 'Scheduled' means that this content will be released automatically on determined publish date. It is useful when a post is completely edited and ready to be published. It is still possible to edit content of this post before publish date. As soon as the post was released the status changes to 'Published' and content can not be edited anymore.

The status 'Schedule in facebook' can be set only when you chose 'Facebook' in type section. The advantage of this feature is that scheduled posts are transferred to the linked facebook page. There you can find your content in 'Planned Posts'. It is useful when external agencies which do not have access to promote posts on your facebook page. 

Note: Scheduled facebook posts can not be edited on after they were transferred to the facebook page!

The status 'Waiting on approval' can be set when content with status 'Open' or 'In Production' require approval. 

Click here for more details on approvals for content :
Freigaben für Inhalte

The status 'Published' shows that content has been published already. This content can not be edited anymore.

There are various possibilities for an overview of your content. Different views you can finde here:
Ansichten von Inhalten

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