In you are able to share ideas in order to make ideas available for other teams. 

To do this go to the idea area. Choose an idea and click on the 'share idea'-icon. In the following sharing options you can select required teams you want to share your ideas with. 

Additionally you can specify a starting date on which you want the teams to receive the content. You can also select an ending date if desired. To determine a duration for the availibility of content you can either select an expiration date or define a period of time. Moreover it is possible to leave a note to inform teams about important aspects.

In team selection settings you are able to select teams you want to share the ideas with. By clicking on a desired team it appears on the right in the chart. This serves to give an overview of the selected teams. 

By clicking on 'share' the process is finished and the ideas for required teams will be released on the specified date.

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