Here are some news from The new update includes:

New grouping options for tasks in table view:

Users who manage their tasks in the table view can now enjoy even more grouping options.

With this update, we have added one more option for grouping: "Assigned to".

For tasks that have been assigned to multiple users, the task is displayed among all users.

As within all other modules in that allow grouping of tasks, the grouping depth can be set using the Group button.

Improvement of Instagram & Google My Business Dialog Tickets:

Tickets of Google My Business and Instagram received in will now forward to the respective channel by clicking on the description text below the ticket and display the selected ticket.

Talkwalker Single-Sign-On

Social media listening and monitoring is an integral part of perfect communication planning.

For this reason, offers the possibility of integrating Talkwalker - either via the API or as a single sign-on, where all activities can be carried out in the native Talkwalker interface. 

Both options can be accessed via the module bar on the left side. Simply click on the monitoring or Talkwalker icon (second for SSO) and the familiar interface appears. 

A little hint: If the interface does not appear when you click on the Talkwalker icon, check the role administration for the rights in the last point "Talkwalker". As soon as the authorization has been adjusted, you can start.

Visibility of stories in the calendar

There is also a news in our editorial calendar: From now on stories will be shown in the calendar.

They can be found directly below the date and are marked with the story symbol, the title and the duration when you hover over them.

Shared library

The shared library has gained in overview with the current update.

In contrast to the previous view, you can now see at a glance how many crossposts are attached to a shared content.

A little tip: Updates can sometimes cause problems with old files. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via In-App-Chat or by mail.





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