We never stand still and have some news for you. The new update of dirico.io includes:

Versioning of contents 

With our update, we have further improved collaboration at the content level: by enabling users to create versions and compare them directly.  

You can see at a glance which changes have been made or alternatively create different versions yourself and compare them. 

Changed passages are highlighted in colour and therefore can be identified and compared at a glance.   

Of course you can also restore old versions or create new content or cross-posts directly from any version.  

This way you are guaranteed to get the most out of every single measure!  

You can find more information here: http://helpcenter.dirico.io/en/articles/3780687-content-versioning 

Realtime-collaboration for ideas 

Our ideas now have the same editor that is already used at content level.  

This means that you can now work synchronously with your team colleagues in ideas and follow the development of the idea live. Track changes can also be used as usual to confirm or reject changes. Furthermore individual words or entire passages within the idea can be commented on. 

Inline editing for campaigns and ideas 

With our new update we have transferred the inline editing function, already known from the table view for content, to the list view for ideas and campaigns.  

This means that changes can be implemented quickly and easily - without having to switch to the detail view. 

Analytics per Plattform 

Our Analytics module now provides even more clarity about the results of published measures.   

In the performance area, the KPIs can now be displayed per platform. Since different KPIs can be measured on the individual platforms, the dashboards also show different key figures. In addition, the performance can also be directly compared with a different period.   

In order to see the key figures per platform, you only have to click on the switch "All platforms" in the performance area of the Analytics module and select the platform of your choice in the drop-down menu that opens.   

Using the export function you can easily create reports for individual networks.  

There are also news in our WYSIWYG editor.  

Besides adjustments for the responsive display, you now have the possibility to display the post in fullscreen mode.  

Here you can use all features of the editor as usual and benefit from the fact that any notifications in dirico.io won't distract you from writing. This way you can concentrate on creating your content and once it is finished, you can leave the fullscreen mode and focus on other tasks.  

To change the view just click on the fullscreen icon in the options bar of the post editor.  

Channel-Approvals for Dialog-Tickets 

In the channel settings you can now define channel owners for dialog tickets in addition to the channel owners for content.  

If you have created a channel owner for dialog tickets, an approval process is automatically started each time a ticket of the respective channel is answered. This gives you much more control over ticket responses for a specific channel.   

You no longer have to manually select the person responsible for each response, but can define this person once - the rest is done automatically. As soon as the approval is done, the answer is published.  

Sharing of Stories 

You can now share entire stories including related content with other teams.  

You can use the share icon as usual. For dirico.io users you can also restrict the options here and enable specific options. Of course you can also share a story with external users. You have the same options as when sharing normal content.

A little tip: Updates can sometimes cause problems with old files. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via In-App-Chat or by mail.


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