Our product update of calendar week 23 contains some new functions: Enjoy an even better handling within the detail view and three new features in the task management.

Have fun getting to know the new functions!

Create new topic from detail view

With the new release, topics can be created even within the detailed view of ideas and content. If the appropriate topic or sub-topic is missing when creating an idea or content, it can be created without having to leave the detail view.

This function is already known from campaigns and is used accordingly. By clicking on the "Topic" strategy field, all topics including their sub-topics are listed in alphabetical order. At the end of the dropdown menu you find the button "Create new topic", which opens a popup where you can enter all information that is also available in the team administration under the strategy settings.

News from the task management: Own menu item, adding a start date & prioritization

  • Dedicated menu item for task management

The task management is now also accessible via the navigation, just below the dashboard module.

As usual, an overview of all team tasks, own tasks and the task archive is available here. All already known functions, such as grouping and searching, will of course remain the same.

In addition to the new position of the task management, tasks can also be viewed via the previous way, top left next to the notifications. However, this is only a rough overview of the tasks. By clicking on the button "Load all tasks" the task administration opens in the module bar.

  • Assign a start date for tasks

Tasks can now be assigned a start date. This allows resources to be planned more specifically, e.g. if a task must first be completed before another one can be started.

All that is required is to select a time at which the task should start. In the task overview you can filter, sort, search and group by the start date. This makes it easy to see in which period of time a certain task has to be completed and the scheduling can be improved in a targeted manner.

  • Add a prioritization to tasks

The importance of tasks can now also be mapped in dirico.io: by choosing between 4 priority levels.

The priority levels are "urgent", "important", "medium" and "low". Entering a prioritization for tasks is now a mandatory field.

This also extends the grouping options in the kanban view by the component "priority". Thus, the buckets can now also represent the different priority levels and the tasks are sorted accordingly.

A small tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat or e-mail.

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