Of course we have integrated some new and especially useful features in our latest product update. And here we go:

Custom buckets for Kanban

With our new update you can define your own columns for contents in the Kanban view. Thus, the overview can be completely adapted to your own requirements.

In addition to the grouping options such as status or assigned employees, you can easily create your own column. In these views, the contents can be sorted specifically, depending on your own workflow.

These views can be saved, either just for yourself or for the whole team. This makes it easy and quick to implement individual sorting.

Lifetime-metrics for analytics

We also made an improvement in the Analytics module with this update: From now on, the performance data of any content published via dirico can be displayed over its entire "lifetime". To do so, simply click on the three-point menu > Details on the left side of the content list (located in the "Performance" area).

In the popup you will find a performance overview of the contents' lifetime as well as the time period set in the Analytics dashboard.

Access native Linkedin posts via channel management

Another change that comes along with our update: From now on, after publishing LinkedIn posts via dirico, the link to the published post can be accessed on the platform.

This allows you to check directly whether the post has been played out correctly and to access the link for internal sharing with colleagues, for example.

Previously, this was unfortunately not possible due to limitations of the LinkedIn interface.

Auto-refresh in calendar

Selected changes (title and status adjustments) in the calendar can now be followed live.

No matter if content, campaign, event or tasks - these changes are displayed in real-time.

This improves real-time collaboration a little more and makes it easier to track changes.

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