Use these 8 tips to create content that your Pinterest community will love! Beware, spoiler: As a nice side effect this will increase traffic on your Pinterest page.

Tip 1: Use the perfect format

Always use images for your image/standard pins in portrait format. The aspect ratio recommended by Pinterest is 2:3, e.g. 1000x1500 pixels.

Assets that were already uploaded in the Digital Asset Management, but which do not correspond to this aspect ratio, can be adjusted to the correct crop in the photo editor with just a few clicks.

Tip 2: Use outstanding images

To make your pins stand out in the search, you should definitely use high quality images.

Our tip: You don't have a high-quality picture in stock, but absolutely want to publish a pin? It's better to do without the pin and instead create a high-quality image for your next pin - quality before quantity.

Tip 3: Create value through your pins

Pins should be rich in content and useful. You can achieve this, for example, by preparing pins in the form of ideas, tips and tricks. You can also take advantage of seasonal occasions, such as holidays or trends.

In addition, the ideas, tips and tricks should be (easily) realizable and - if necessary - contain instructions (in our case, a recipe). In this way, you turn inspiration into action.

Tip 4: Focus on your brand

Make sure that each image you select and publish on Pinterest represents your brand in the best possible way. Avoid using abstract or lifestyle images if this does not suit your brand.

Your products or services should always be the focus of the images selected.

Tip 5: Show your logo (but don't do it bottom right)

Provide your pins with a subtle logo. Place it according to your specifications, but avoid the lower right corner, as this is where the Pinterest product symbols are located, thus hiding the logo.

Your image is still missing a logo? In our integrated photo editor you can upload your own stickers (e.g. your logo) and place them as you wish.

Tip 6: Add text overlays to your image pins

Use text overlay (text placed on your pins) to make them stand out more. Make sure to use short texts to ensure good readability on mobile devices.

If your pinterest strategy targets users in multiple countries, it is recommended that you create one pin per target country or language. This way the text overlay can be translated into the respective language.

Tip 7: Optimize your pin text

As with all search engines, Pinterest Pins are better found and rated if they have a clear title and a detailed description.

Both information can be entered into dirico during pin creation. If you exceed the character limits (100 characters for title, 500 for description text), you will be informed immediately.

Tip 8: Double check used links and use matching images

If your pin contains a link, check it for functionality and loading time before publishing it. This way you won't disappoint interested users and possibly leave a bad impression.

When designing such pins, also make sure that the pin and link harmonize visually as much as possible. The pin gives users a little sneak peak- an idea of what to expect on the linked page. If the two measures are very different, this can lead to confusion or even annoyance among users.

With these 8 tips you are well prepared for the maximum reach and pleasant user experience on your Pinterest account.

If you have further questions, please contact our support team directly. We will be happy to help you.

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