As usual, our latest update holds some new features for you: An improved handling of Instagram Stories, a new post type for Pinterest, answering approvals directly in the calendar, grouping function in the table view of ideas and much more. Read on to find out all details about the new features.

Pinterest: Video pins and ideal asset formats in the photo editor

Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Pinterest, we now offer even more possibilities in terms of Pinterest publishing: Create, schedule and automatically publish image pins, video pins and crop the corresponding assets directly in the integrated photo editor.

To create a video pin, follow these instructions:

Simply create a new content, open the content detail view, select "Pinterest" as content type and you can choose between the post types image and video pin in the post editor.

To crop your images to the perfect Pinterest formats, follow these steps:

  • Open the image in the photo editor via the digital asset management

  • Call up cutting options

  • Scroll to the predefined formats for Pinterest

  • Select the desired format

  • Determine cutout and ready

Note: If you have already linked one or more Pinterest accounts, please note that by changing the API of Pinterest, the Access Token of your account will expire. To be able to publish on Pinterest via dirico again, open the Team Administration and go to the channels via the "Content Settings" section. Here you will see a pink warning triangle next to the Pinterest account(s). By clicking on the symbol you can easily renew the Access Token and are able to use the publishing function for Pinterest.

When linking new Pinterest accounts, please note that only business profiles are supported.

Answer approvals directly in the calendar (week view)

Content with one or more pending approvals - regardless of whether it is a content or channel approval - can now be accepted or rejected from within the week view.

The prerequisite for this is that you have the appropriate rights to approve and are involved in the respective approval (as a mandatory or optional user).

The yellow share icon, which is visible in the week view below the content preview, indicates that content is pending for approval.

To answer an approval, click on the three-point menu in the lower right corner of the corresponding content. Below the options, you will now see the action fields " Grant all approvals" and "Deny all approvals" in the second and third positions. After clicking on one of the buttons, a popup will open in which you can optionally leave a comment.

Grouping options in the table view of ideas

You are probably already familiar with the grouping function from the Topics and Content modules. With this update, you can also use this function in the Ideas module.

Group your ideas according to the following options:

  • Content type

  • Topic

  • Event

  • Topic category

  • Responsible user

  • Assigned to (User/Group)

  • Created by

  • Updated by

  • Target group

A total of 4 grouping levels are available.

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat or e-mail.

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