Our latest update is something very special: For us, this sprint was the 100th since we started developing dirico! 🎉

That's why this sprint's update is even more extensive than usual: 7 newsroom adaptations at once, approvals & tasks on cross-post level, change of the sidebar in ideas, content & topics and a whole new look & feel of dirico.

Newsroom adaptations

In order to adapt dirico even more to the requirements of corporate newsrooms, we have made some changes with this update:

1. New arrangement of related items in the detail view of topics

In the area " related items" within the detail view of topics, the items are now arranged differently. This way you will first see the ideas, then the contents, events and finally the assets. This means that the sorting corresponds even more to the content lifecycle.

2. Own modal for creating and editing ideas

Just as in the content module, ideas can now be created in a separate modal. In this case, the idea detail view does not open directly, but a kind of preview of it, which is displayed above the idea module. After entering all relevant information and saving your idea, you will be returned to the overview in the Ideas module that was previously open.

3. Convert ideas to topics

Another new feature that we were able to realize with this update is the transformation of ideas into topics. You can do this either by clicking on the three-point menu in the tile or table view of ideas or in the respective idea detail view.

4. A lot of information at a glance with collapsed cross-posts

If you have created cross-posts for a content and they are collapsed, you can now see a lot of information about the cross-posts without having to click on them. This includes: Title, content type, post type, assigned to, publication date, channel and status.

5. Pre-selection of the content type for the creation of new content

If you mainly create content of one content type, this new feature is especially useful for you: In your user settings you will find a new section "Default content type" below the notification settings. Here you can determine for your team(s) which content type should be entered by default when creating a new content.

Alternatively, within the content detail view, you can define the standard content type by clicking on the star-symbol next to it.

Info: This default setting only refers to your account. Accordingly, different users can define different default content types.

6. Another view for topics: Tiles

In addition to the table view, you can now also view topics in tile view. You already know this view from the Ideas and Inspiration modules.

Further view for contents in the area " related items" (topics): Kanban

Contents that are assigned to the related items of topics can now also be viewed in the Kanban view.

7. Another view for contents within related items (topics): Kanban

Contents that are assigned to the related items of topics can now also be viewed in the Kanban view.

Own boards in the Kanban view of tasks

Similar to the Kanban view for content you now have the possibility to create your own boards for tasks in the Kanban view.

To do so, click on the group icon and select the option "Add new view" at the end of the list. Here you can define the title of the view as well as its location (My or Shared Views). After you have saved the new view, you will be taken directly to it. All tasks are now located in the first (and only) column of the new board. By clicking on the "Add Column" button you can create new columns and organize your tasks accordingly.

Approvals & tasks per cross post

With our latest update we enable you to create tasks and request approvals on cross-post level. Until now, both activities could only be done on content level, meaning for all existing cross-posts.

From now on you can also have individual cross-posts released and create tasks that only relate to one specific cross-post.

Changes to the sidebar in the ideas, content and topics module

The activities available in ideas, content and topics (create task, request approval, view activities, compare versions) have been moved to the same position with this update. From now on you will find the activities to the right of the post editor.

Note that the 4 activities listed above are only available for content. In Ideas, no versions can be viewed and compared. For topics it is also not possible to request approvals.

PS: Did you notice anything when logging in to dirico?

We redesigned our website and also adapted the login page in this context. With the update we have also updated the color scheme in dirico.

The color scheme remained the same for you? That's because you have ordered an individualized color scheme. Therefore, the colors of your CD stay the same.

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat or e-mail.

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