Our latest Update consists of two new features in dirico: Mentions in comments when using the realtime collaboration feature and a better visibility of tasks in the calendar.

Mentions in comments in the Track Changes

Do you regularly use change tracking in ideas and content? Then you will certainly be happy about our update: With this update it is possible to tag your colleagues in comments that you make in the course of change tracking. If a change does not refer to a single user, you can also tag an entire group.

This means you no longer have to take the "detour" via mentions in the activity area.

Better visibility of open tasks in the calendar

From now on you will have an even easier view of open tasks in the calendar.

If tasks are already set to the status completed, the task icon at the bottom left of the calendar view is coloured green.

However, if tasks still have the status open, the icon is coloured red. The number to the right of the icon shows you directly how many open tasks there are (in our case: one).

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat or e-mail.

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