Within this update: filter improvement (in all modules), standard view (window vs. detail) for editing measures, another column for the link shortener table (in the Analytics module), removal of the reference period in the Analytics dashboards and possibility to keep the selection for bulk changes in the Dialog module.

Extended filter options

We added a valuable component to our filter: the ability to use individual fields within a filter multiple times.

Previously, each field within a filter could be used maximum once. Thus, all characteristics entered in it were provided with an OR operation. Another connection of the characteristics within a field could therefore not be considered. This behavior remains as usual when using filter options once.

However, from now on you have the possibility to add an already selected field a second time. Multiple usage allows you to add an additional AND operation to the characteristics.

Explained with an example:

When filtering, if Tag #1 and Tag #2 are selected in the Tags field, the following content will be displayed:

  • Content A (associated with Tag #1)

  • Content B (associated with Tag #1 and Tag #2)

  • Content C (associated with Tag #1 and Tag #3)

If now another filter option for "Tags" is added, and here Tag #3 is entered as a feature, after applying the filter only Content C is visible in the result list, because here both - one of the two features from the first filtering (Tag #1 or Tag #2) and the feature from the second filtering (Tag #3) - are present (see video).

Note: The new filter functionality applies to all modules within dirico except Analytics and Dialog.

Find out more about the new filter functionality in this article.

Choosing a default view (window or detailed) when opening ideas, content, and topics

Currently, when opening ideas, content and topics, the modal aka window view is opened by default. To view measures in the detailed view another click on the "open in advanced view" button is required.

This update leaves it up to you to decide which of the two views should appear by default. Accordingly, you can specify that e.g. the detailed view should always be opened by default.

To make the adjustment, open your personal settings and click on the "General settings" tab (former: ). Now scroll down to the "Default view" section.

When selecting a default view, you need to specify to which team the changes should be applied and for which type which view should be used (idea, content, topic).

Note: The settings refer exclusively to accessing measures that have already been created. The creation of new ideas, content and topics will stay in the modal or window view even after the settings may have been adjusted.

Extension of the table in the short link tab of the analytics module

In the Analytics module, you will now find a new option in the table in the "Short Links" section. The "Post URL" column gives you the option to directly view the published content on the respective platform.

Removal of the reference period field (Analytics module)

With this update, the field for the reference period, which was previously displayed by default in the Analytics module, has been removed. The option is of course still available and can be activated via a switcher on the right side of the screen.

Enabling multiple bulk actions in the Dialog module

You might already be familiar with the processing of multiple tickets with just one click, among others, from the Dialog module.

From now on, you can additionally determine that the selected tickets remain selected even after executing a bulk action, so that you do not have to select the tickets again if you want to perform several bulk actions on several tickets, for example.

To do so, click the Keep selection for multiple actions switcher after selecting all tickets to be processed in one and select the actions to be executed one after the other in the menu above the tickets.

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat.

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