Within this update: improvement to the CSV import of events, disabling of Instagram comments, enhanced story creation and format presets when using the Canva integration.

Improvements to the CSV import of events

To simplify the import of events, we launched a new feature in one of our last updates: the ability to import multiple events into dirico via CSV. We made a few improvements to the import in this update. These include:

  • Selection of column delimiters: Tabulator, comma, semicolon

  • Selection of time zone (is set to UTC+1 by default)

  • File language selection: German, English

From now on you will find these options again in the popup that appears before the file upload.

Disabling comments on Instagram posts

For Instagram posts, you can now determine whether or not they can be commented by your community.

The function is available for the following post types: image, album, video, IGTV, reel.

To apply the feature, click on the plus button on the right below the text editor in any of the above post types and select Disable Comments.

Note: Please be aware of that after selection of the option the First comment option will be disabled since both functions cannot be used at the same time.

Info message for posts with invalid link

When embedding links whose URL cannot be found, from now on a popover will appear informing you about this problem.

In there you can decide whether you want to keep the URL (in case of URLs that are to be published before the post will be published) or to cancel the use of the URL.

More ways to create stories

To simplify the creation of stories, we've accommodated the format in a few additional places. You can now create stories at the following locations:

  • Via a click on the pink plus button

  • In the Calendar by clicking on a date

  • In the Story section of the content module

In addition, you can now find Stories in the Related Objects section of the detailed view of topics. On the other hand, the Story icon has been removed from the modal where you can select the content type (if no default content type is defined).

Canva integration: format presets

To make the creation of assets using the Canva integration even more efficient, you can now specify the assets format in advance. Here you can choose between the predefined image sizes of popular social media platforms and custom ratios.

The popover opens right after clicking the Design on Canva button wherever this is possible. Learn more about the Canva integration here.

Interested in the integration? Please contact your customer success manager.

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat.

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