In this update:

New features in topic planning

  • Creation of sub-topic categories

    In topic planning, you can now also create subordinate topic categories, the so-called sub-topic categories.

    You can find the option in the three-item menu of the topic categories.

  • Keeping the hierarchy open (area on the left)

    Another customization we made within the topic planning is to keep the last state of the expanded objects in the hierarchy if you have switched to another dirico module in the meantime. This way, if you want to continue working on the same place you were working on before, you don't have to open the hierarchy again.

  • Export of the hierarchy

    To be able to use your topic plan outside of dirico, we have also added a CSV export with this update. To do so, simply click on the download icon on the right, select a time span (if not already done in the filter) and start the download.

  • Visualization of objects in the selected colors

    From now on, unfolded objects in the right area of the topic planning will be displayed in their originally selected color.

  • Multiple selection and actions
    In order to, for example, assign multiple stories to one topic, the multiple selection has been activated in the topic planning. Please note that the actions vary depending on the object type ( topic, story, etc.). Multiple selection is also only possible within an object type. For the individual dirico objects, the following options are available for multiple selection:

    Topic category: delete
    Topic: attach topic category, add assets, delete
    Story: attach topic category, attach topic, share with other team, add tags, duplicate, delete
    Content: request content or channel approval, attach topic category, attach topic, share with other team, add tags, duplicate, delete
    Event: attach topic category, attach topic, change event group, add tags, duplicate, delete

  • Viewing topic planning in full screen mode

    To be able to view as many dirico objects as possible, you can now also open the topic planning in a full screen view. This hides all setting options above the actual table.

    Clicking the escape key or the corresponding button in the top right corner of the topic planning closes the full screen view again.

Word and character count in the default editor

For content types where our standard editor is used (e.g. all self-defined content types used for planning) you can now display the word and character count.

To do this, select the magnifying glass icon (to the right of the GIF icon) in the editor menu. A field will open that displays the desired word and character count information. The field closes automatically when you click somewhere else in the editor.

Integration of the standard editor in events

In order to provide you with the best possible collaboration functions in events as well, our standard editor, which you know from stories, for example, has been integrated.

From now on, you can also use the comment function and change tracking for events.

A little tip: When updating, you may encounter problems with old files from time to time. If this is the case, it helps to empty the cache in the browser.

If you still have feedback or wishes, please let us know! You can simply send us a message via in-app chat.

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